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Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

Our city has become the place of luxury condos and apartments. We need to be focused on affordable apartment buildings, not just a percentage of luxury apartments being set aside to be affordable. Home ownership has become unattainable to many. By investing more in programs that help people obtain ownership such as ” The One Mortgage Program” and co-op ownership.


Good Jobs for Local Residents 

Good local jobs help build our local economy. We need to do more to protect our local workers by ensuring that percentage is set aside for local workers and we need to ensure that those numbers include woman and diverse workers. We need to remember good paying jobs include many different types of blue-collar jobs.

Quality Public Schools

Our children spend most of their day in school. We need to ensure that we fund our schools. Our children deserve to have equal access to early education, after school, and an opportunity to attend school in their community. Working with parents and teachers to invest in our children will benefit us all.

Accountable Government 

Local government Should be held accountable to all residents. Where we spend our money should be easily accessible to all. Our city government should be held to the highest standards when it comes to equal opportunity and customer service.


Clean and Greener Somerville

Now is the time to invest
more in our environment. We need to reduce our CO2 rates at a higher rate. We
need to have more investment in locally sourced food. More opportunities for
roof top and community gardens.

These issues are
interconnecting. Working together is the only way to truly make change and the only true way to reach social and economic equality.