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Marianne, our next Mayor

Growing up in Somerville, I took pride that my city was a tight knit community of working people. I still see that the same spirit in the people of our community today: A desire to bring us back to a time of affordable housing opportunities and good paying local jobs, to a place where immigrants like my mother were welcomed and could thrive. 

I have dedicated my life to serving working people throughout the state as a social worker. Somerville needs a mayor who will prioritize our diverse residents over corporate profits and the special interests of campaign contributors.

I am running to be that mayor.

About Marianne

With her son Joe

Marianne Walles grew up in Somerville. Her father was born and raised here. Her mother emigrated here from Sicily. She resides with her husband of 27 years, Marty, her two sons, Joseph and Patrick, who were educated in Somerville Public Schools. 

Marianne has a BA in Sociology and a M.Ed in Counseling Psychology. For the past 21 years she has worked as a social worker with children and families.

What I’ve learned as a social worker and lifelong resident:

  • If there is an injustice, we must take action
  • When we fight together, we win
  • We must act NOW for a better tomorrow

What Somerville Needs

  • Good quality affordable housing
  • Good paying  local jobs 
  • Protections for tenants
  • To stop displacement
  • Protect immigrant families 
  • A city hall that is transparent 
  • To fully fund education