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Welcome To Marianne for Mayor

My name is Marianne Walles and I’m running to serve as your next Mayor!
I love Somerville. I was born and raised here, my Mom emigrated from Sicily and my Dad
worked at the Cains Potato Chip factory in Medford back when one job could provide for a
family! I married my best friend 27 years ago. Now our two sons who graduated from
Somerville public schools are both proud union apprentices. I am deeply committed to my

As a front-line Social Worker for 22 years, I’ve dedicated my life to keeping children safe and
helping families in crisis. The only way to solve difficult problems is to bring people together
and build a movement for real change. I have seen first-hand, how access to good jobs, reliable transportation, affordable housing, excellent public schools and treatment for mental illness and substance abuse not only stabilizes families, but strengthens our entire community.

Now more than ever, we need elected leaders who can bring people together and not career politicians who work for the 1%. Wealthy developers have done very well on the backs of Somerville residents. They have shortchanged our construction workers and not hired nearly enough local people. While developers have made huge profits, residents have not been protected. Our priority must be to help all residents.
By putting people first, we can build a movement for a better Somerville. That’s why I don’t take any contributions from real estate developers or corporate PACs.